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Regardless of whether you’ve been successful in business for years, times are changing Fast, Really Fast. If You’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. The opportunities for you and I to experience massive growth in our businesses is unprecedented.

This is my personal blog, a place where I can share the unvarnished truths as I see and experience them, in hope of serving my readers. I will promise to at least consider a filter for my comments and posts to minimize offending the underperformer, the lazy and entitled.

Consider this blog living resource to help you grow & grow your business. A place where we can begin a dialogue about the challenges and opportunities of a global business today.

Doug’s Short Story

Hi I'm Doug Morneau, and I am a Marketing Expert … How can Serve you?

Doug is a passionate lifelong learner and expert marketer. His ability to quickly understand concepts, adapt to new technologies and new media make him a valuable contributor to any sales and marketing problem solving conversation or marketing strategy session.

He excels at working under pressure and deadlines regardless of the situation. On the topic of focus, Doug shares his favorite quote

If the building is on fire, call the fire department, DO NOT under any circumstance disturb me unless I'm in imminent danger.Doug Morneau

His intense drive and get stuff done attitude often offends others who are looking for social interaction when the team should be focused on producing results and generating sales.

“I’m sarcastic and have a smart-ass attitude …

It’s a natural defence against drama, bullshit and stupidity”

When working with Doug, you will always know where you stand, and can expect a fully engaged team member or team lead. Over the years, time he has tempered his driver personality to at least acknowledge that not everyone can take it straight, some need a little sugar with their medicine, and quite frankly, some simply won’t take their medicine at all.

As a world traveler and student at the feet of many of the world’s brightest marketers and visionaries, the concept and strategies he executes are by their very nature gold standard, best of breed, leading edge, tested, and proven.

He has been fortunate to work and test marketing methods, media, and systems will multi-million dollar budgets enable learning, testing, and validation at hyper speed with sufficient data that can be applied to any budget regardless of the size.

Morneau has the ability to quickly identify solutions where others only see problems.

As someone with 29 years entrepreneurial experience, Doug has made his clients an estimated 100 million US dollars, and in doing so, he has also made millions for his company's. As we all know, life is very rarely always sunshine and roses, in the process, he has made it big, lost it all, and started over a few times. He often says it's easy to make money when everything is going well, a good team of staff and advisors is in place, and the economy is booming. Only the true veterans can weather the many storms of business.

Doug and his companies have always been significant contributors to the community, charities and those in need. As a volunteer and director of several charities corporate, and government boards, he has taken the same focused, driven, hard work ethic to these efforts as well. “To whom much is given. much is expected”

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