email subject lines – 128% higher click-through rate

email subject lines – 128% higher click-through rate

Who doesn’t want to generate more sales from your email list?

We’ve all heard the money is in the list, but this article shows there is money in the subject line …

I was heading away for the long weekend.

Caught a glimpse of email as I was logging off.

So I flagged in my reading file.

Skip Labor Day For Back-To-School Email Promotions

“New data from GoDaddy suggests that Americans are more likely to open back-to-school emails than email promotions touting Labor Day.
Emails without “Labor Day” in the subject line generated a 128% higher click-through rate when compared to emails that did reference the holiday, according to a GoDaddy Email Marketing analysis of emails sent from its platform between August 1 and September 30, 2016.”
by Jess Nelson, August 31, 2017, published in Media Post

Read the entire email post

We all know that generating sales is a process with sometimes many steps. Using email marketing is no different. Each step has it’s own job to do.

The right people on our list – quality, they have budget and can make the buying decision
Deliverability – getting your email to your peeps
Subject line: getting your email opened
Copy – engagement, adding value, sales

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