Appearing as a podcast guest is proven effective for driving awareness and new sales. 

It builds your reputation, increases social media traffic, and creates more and better backlinks

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“As a podcast host, I absolutely love podcast booking services because I love having a resource that can do the sourcing for me while I focus on building my business.  An absolutely essential aspect of scaling your business!”

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Why I Created This FREE Podcast Guest Resource Guide

As a podcaster and marketer, I have personally experienced both the joys and frustrations of being a podcast host and providing marketing strategy for my clients.

When I began researching podcast guesting companies I quickly found it difficult to find everyone who offers this service as their primary business.

I’m sure once this first edition is released those who were missed will self-identify. I also expect that as the industry evolves we will see both consolidation and new companies tossing their hat into the ring.

I invite you to enjoy, use, and share this resource to explore the many benefits of being introduced to the audiences of the many podcasts that exist.


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This is a great space to further clarify your offer, whether it’s additional benefits or need-to-know details.

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When you appear on someone’s podcast, there is an implicit endorsement. Not only does this put you in a positive light with the podcast host’s audience, but it also boosts your authority as an expert. 

Reputation Building

Tell visitors about the incredible discounts they’ll get with their coupon, or the must-read information included in your ebook.

Exposure to New Audiences

Alternatively, you could include headshots for featured contributors or step-by-step instructions for claiming the offer.

More Social Media Mentions

Include a video or photo to help people understand your offer (or just to hype ‘em up).

Show visitors what they’re signing up for

Some more details of your offer

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For example, you could call out some of the specific, actionable learnings from your ebook or webinar.

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This is also your last opportunity to call out any information that might convince visitors to convert. Make it count.

Podcast guesting has some obvious immediate advantages, but it also has many less obvious, long-term benefits, including:

Reputation building

When you appear on someone’s podcast, there is an implicit endorsement. Not only does this put you in a positive light with the podcast host’s audience, but it also boosts your authority as an expert. 

Exposure to new audiences

Podcast guesting is an ideal way to get in front of your ideal audience, and to do so in a way that’s far more memorable and engaging than them seeing a post from you on social media or even reading one of your blog posts. The sound of someone’s voice is compelling – it conveys far more about you and lets people get to know you at a level the written word can’t match. 

More and better backlinks

Every time you appear on a podcast, the episode’s content will be posted on the host’s website. Many podcast hosts are powerful influencers whose sites have enormous authority in the search engines. Getting an inbound link to your website from these high-authority sites boosts your site’s rankings in the search results. 

Often, you won’t just get one link to your website, either: Most podcast hosts will add a link to every resource mentioned in an episode. So you could get links to your website’s main page, a lead magnet, a particular blog post, and then other links to your social media accounts. 

More social media mentions

If you’ve ever had a major influencer reshare one of your social media posts or share some of your content, you know what an earthquake of traffic it can trigger. Being a guest on their podcast will get you several earthquakes like that as they share and reshare about your appearance on their show. 

Content for your website

Every podcast you get on can become a new content-rich page on your site, especially if you get the podcast transcribed. But audio content is no regular content – it’s especially “sticky” in that people tend to spend much longer on a page with audio content compared to a page with text content. That increases “dwell time,” a key factor in search engine rankings. 


Your podcast content can easily be repurposed into email newsletters, social media posts, a blog post, and possibly even an ebook. If you speak at an average pace – at 150 words per minute – a 45-minute podcast episode is the equivalent of 6,750 words. That’s more than enough words for the typical ebook or lead magnet.

All this is why guest podcasting may well be the single most effective content marketing tactic in 2020 and for several years from now. It leverages many of the best practices of content marketing: Influencer exposure, a highly-engaging format, and the ability to repurpose the original content in many ways. Even better: Once your guest podcasting skills are up to speed, you may be able to do a guest podcast in less time than it would take you to write a blog post. 

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