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Why do we live without Margin? – living life in the HOV lane!

On Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Living Life Without MarginFor those of us who use Sky Train (public transit in Vancouver) have you ever noticed the thick yellow line with the big warning to “stand behind the yellow line”?  Just think now how close everyone stands to the yellow line.  Toes on the line with no margin.  We live a NO margin life.

How close do we follow the car in front of us?  Why do most of us live with no margin?

I used to say I’d sleep when I get old (no margin) and just keep going at breakneck speed.  Last fall I got margin, although not of my own choosing. In the fall of 2011, I was nearly died and spend three months off work to just rest due to Pneumonia. I guess I do need some sleep and margin in my life.

FACT: The average person is financially 2 weeks from being on the street – No Financial Margin (I’ll leave this for another blog post).

The world seems to be living on adrenaline.  When did this happen? or better said, when did I allow this to happen in my life?

I’d rather burn out than fade out! (out is still out)

How are our relationships? If a friend or family member called and needed your help could you just go? or better yet, are you going to fast to notice those who do need some encouragement, a listening ear, and coffee out? Relationships happen in the margins.

Try to listen fast – Yup, guilty.  I’d love to hear how things are going with you if you could just talk a whole lot faster please.

Now just be clear, I’m a Capitalist not a Socialist, It’s not up to the Government or anyone else to do this for me.

Margin is the reserve extra between where I am and where I’d like to be.  We get to choose and set the margin level in our life.  Got time for coffee with me? sometime within the next week? or is it going to be months?

I love my family more than the cardiac ward, and much more than the grave.  Gotta go give a few people a hug and tell them I love them ….



Dr Mark Francisco
Why Do We Live Without Margin?
Series: Clutter
May 30, 2012


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