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Author, Doug Morneau

Doug Morneau, an internationally acclaimed best-selling author known for his groundbreaking insights into email marketing with his first book, “Three Big Lies – The Real Truth About Renting Email Lists To Generate Targeted Leads And Sales”

Doug’s expertise and innovative approaches have revolutionized how businesses think about email list rental, proving it’s a powerful tool for generating targeted leads and sales.

Now, with the release of his second book, “Prescribed to Death – How I Got Off Five Medications And Saved My Life,” Doug shares his personal journey of overcoming health challenges by moving away from conventional medication reliance.

This latest work is a testament to his versatility and depth as an author, offering readers not only business wisdom but life-changing health insights.

"What if I told you there's a
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Three big lies

The real truth about renting email lists to generate targeted leads and sales"

These folks are practically begging for what you’ve got, waving their hands in the air, screaming, ‘Tell me more!’

I’ve been around the block, talked to the big shots and the up-and-comers, and here’s the kicker: they’re all sleeping on the gold mine for sponsored email marketing and permission-based email list rentals.

This isn’t just about blasting emails. It’s about owning the express lane to your market’s heart and wallet.”

Kevin Harrington Original Shark on "Shark Tank", Inventor of
the Infomercial, Co-Founder of Pitch Video
As a serial entrepreneur, I’m always on the lookout for innovative ways to grow my business. Three Big Lies is the first book of its kind that I’ve seen that walks you through the opportunity to dramatically ramp up leads and sales by leveraging the successful brands of other companies by having them send your sales message to their list.
Katie Schaeffer, Chief Operating Officer of
Schaeffer’s Investment Research
“Email is the cornerstone of our digital lives, and Doug Morneau is here to explain how to turn a humble email list into a powerful sales funnel to help broaden your reach, engage your audience, and — of course! — drive revenue. This book should be required reading for marketing directors, small business owners, online entrepreneurs, and anyone else searching for a proven, high-ROI method to make meaningful contact with customers.”
Christopher Hanks Senior Director, Email Marketing
National Media, Inc.
In my role consulting organizations on how to best leverage their email list, I deal with the issues Doug outlines on a daily basis. If you plan to use email in any way in your marketing plan, this needs to be on your reading list.
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Prescribed to death

How I got off five medications and saved my life

Doug Morneau’s life is a vivid testament to the transformative power of resilience and self-advocacy in the face of health adversity.

At twenty-eight, teetering on the edge of a health crisis with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a looming diabetic diagnosis, Doug’s bustling life as a professional and community leader in Vancouver, Canada, began to crumble under the weight of his deteriorating health.

Despite his achievements, Doug was ensnared in a cycle of medication for hypertension, cholesterol, and sleep apnea, which dictated the rhythm of his daily life.

The turning point came when Doug chose to seize control of his health narrative, embarking on an eighteen-month odyssey that saw him shed eighty pounds, liberate himself from five medications, and relinquish his CPAP machine.

This journey was not merely about losing weight or coming off medication; it was a profound transformation that reshaped Doug from a medicated individual to an athlete in peak condition, illustrating the profound impact of personal accountability in health.

“Prescribed to Death” is Doug’s candid memoir, offering not just a recount of his journey but serving as a beacon of hope and a manual for those yearning to escape the medication maze and reclaim their health.

Now an author, health advocate, and inspirational speaker, Doug’s mission is to empower others with the courage to transform their health destinies. His story, grounded in authenticity and relatability, positions him as a pivotal figure in health and lifestyle transformation advocacy.

Doug Morneau’s narrative is a compelling call to action, challenging the status quo of conventional medical treatment and proving that with determination, informed knowledge, and the courage to question, reclaiming one’s health and vitality is within reach.

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"Email marketing isn't just about sending messages; it's about crafting stories that open doors to endless opportunities."

Doug Morneau