Step into the fast-paced world of ‘Real Marketing Real Fast’ with me, Doug Morneau. Each episode is a power-packed journey through the twists and turns of digital marketing and website acquisition. Expect unfiltered insights, expert interviews, and a healthy dose of sarcasm. This isn’t just another marketing podcast; it’s your front-row seat to the strategies shaping the digital landscape.
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Are you ready for a business breakthrough, or are you just going to settle for more of the same?

I’d encourage you to join me and learn how to:

  • grow your business,
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  • and learn this from marketing innovators, consultants, technology companies.

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Hey, I’m so excited today to be recording my first session, episode 00, which really serves as an “about us” podcast to let you know who your host is, what the podcast is about, and what the benefits are for you subscribers who are listening in.

Let’s learn together what tactics are working today in a fast-paced interview style to feed your brain and leave you with actionable items. Let’s go where the profits and growth aren’t and the competition isn’t.

Why I started this podcast

I started this podcast so I could gain access to some of the brightest marketing innovators and technology companies in the world, to learn what tactics they’re using to win big in business for today, to take advantage of that for my business and to share it so you can take advantage of it for your business. Some of the companies whose products I use. Others are products that I’m just learning about and wanting to bring to the forefront and to see if this is a good fit for us to grow our businesses.

Where do you get your advice?

The advice that I refer  to was something I heard years ago, and that is, “Never take advice from somebody who hasn’t done what you’re going to do is or is willing to pay the price that you’re willing to pay.” I’m fortunate that I get to invest my time every day looking at, looking for, buying, testing media, software, and tactics. My goal is to find and share what’s working. As a subscriber, you’ll listen in as I dig for the information to help your business grow.

The Real Marketing, Real Fast Podcast will be published twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’d encourage you to not be shy. Share your feedback. Let me know what guests, what topics would be most helpful to you to market and grow your business.

About Doug

Just a little bit about me. I’m a passionate, lifelong learner and an expert marketer. I have the ability to quickly understand and adopt new technologies and new media. I have extensive experience and expertise working within the financial and venture capital market using rented permission-based email lists and I’ve managed budgets in the range of $25,000 a week up to $400,000 a week on 12-week campaigns.

I excel at working under pressure, regardless of the situation, and I’ll share a couple of quotes with you. The first is, “If the building is on fire, call the fire department. Do not under any circumstances disturb me unless I’m in imminent danger.” The second quote that I like is, “If you’re not first, you’re last,” and, of course, we all remember that from the famous author, Ricky Bobby.

Get it done

I have an intense desire to drive and get stuff done, which often offends other people looking for social interactivity when we should be focusing on getting results and getting sales. I’ve been told I have a sarcastic and smart-ass attitude, and my response is, “It’s a natural defense against drama, bullshit, and stupidity.”

Over the years, I’ve tried to temper my driver personality to at least acknowledge that not everybody can take it straight. Some need a little sugar with their medicine and, quite frankly, some won’t take their medicine at all.

I’ve been blessed and been a world traveler and had the opportunity to study at the feet of many of the world’s brightest marketers and visionaries. I’ve been fortunate to work and test marketing methods, media, and systems with multimillion-dollar budgets, enabling learning, testing, and validation at a hyper speed with sufficient data that can be applied to any budget regardless of the size.

30 years marketing experience

As someone with 30 years marketing experience, I have made my clients an estimated 100 million dollars. In doing so, I have made millions for my companies, as well, but as we know, life is not always sunshine and roses. In the process, I’ve made it big and lost it all and started over a few times. It’s easy to make money when everything’s going well with a good team, good staff, advisors in place, and the economy’s booming. Only true veterans can weather the storms of business.

I’ve always been a significant contributor to charities, community, and those in needs, and have volunteered and served my community on various charitable boards and government boards, taking the same focus, hard work ethic that I use in my business with the idea that who much is given, much is expected. Read More About Doug Morneau

Let’s move ahead!

Regardless of whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting, times are changing. They’re changing really fast, and if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. I believe the opportunity for you and me to experience massive growth in our business today is unprecedented, like no other time in the history.

I’d like to leave you with one parting thought:

What if all the barriers are imaginary?

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"Innovation isn't just thinking outside the box; it's about setting the box on fire and building something extraordinary from the ashes."

Doug Morneau