Regardless of the economy, there are opportunities to generate leads and make sales.

During the biggest financial crisis in the history of the world since the great depression, Doug helped his clients raise over $100M in venture capital for their publicly traded companies by sending their story to multiple rented permission-based email lists, using online pay per click advertising, and social media.

His bold aggressive strategy grew his client's businesses massively and made – Doug the largest single purchaser of rented email lists in North America booking as much as $16M per year

With Doug's extensive experience renting permission-based third-party email lists he has helped his clients to reach millions of potential investors online.  He has used this targeted and responsive email media to identify and market to many industries, sectors, and consumer group matching his client's avatar or ideal customer.

Currently, he hosts the new podcast  Real Marketing Real Fast and consults with clients wanting to expand their b2b and b2b sales in the United States using email lists, social media, celebrity endorsements, and online advertising.

Doug just completed writing his first book sharing the pitfalls and successes of using rented email lists to build your business.  His book is scheduled to be released early 2018.  Make sure you are subscribed to the Real Marketing list to receive his special subscriber offer once it has been released.  You can sign up below.

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